Earth Day Online
April 21,1996

on the Big Island of Hawai'i

Touch in with Hawai'i Earth Day. Site overlooking Kealakekua Bay.
We're online with Synergylabs in San Francisco
and New Dimensions in Ukiah, California.

From parasitic to symbiotic...

"Imachanations"--ideas put into working mode.
(a new word coined for Earth Day by Jo of Highwater)

Bring our best ideas about sustainability to the web.
What we need most are visions of a positive future. Share them.

Hello Hawaii from the Haus, San Francisco

Earth we're in it. Terry
Earth we're on it. Lorn

san francisco shares earth day with hawai'i

hi everyone

these images and ideas are like thoughts in the mind of gaia.

you all look so beautiful.

computers put to good use.

beautiful thoughts lead to beautiful realities.


Ukiah California joins with all in celebrating this exquisite

jewel of a planet that is ripping through space without a

sound . . . Oh but maybe there is a sound . . .

a joyous noise from those who are joining together in thanks

for this most amazing planet and her creatures and

greenly life there-on.


This was a real time online celebration of Earthday, 1996
and the one year anniversary of the Haven website
which came to weblife on Earthday, 1995.
Everyday is Earthday

How do you celebrate Earthday?
Email us your thoughts.