Haven offers one-on-one mentoring, coaching and support for self directed learners (whether you are just beginning or you are extemely experienced and committed).

We call this relationship a mentoring alliance.

The Alliance Includes:

  • weekly mentoring dialogues in an easy-to-use distance learning environment that supports video messaging (video conferencing is optional, 24 hour tech support is available)

  • support in identifying your deepest interests, passions and dreams

  • assistance in creating a learning path that works for you, including goal setting and self-assessment

  • coaching in creative ways to use the Internet for non-traditional learning in your own unique style

  • guidance in creating an online multimedia portfolio to record your experiences, projects, skills

  • invitation to participate in events online with other young people in the Mentoring Alliance

  • participation in international collaborations on projects that contribute to the well-being of Earth and her inhabitants.

And for your parents:

  • choice in how little or how much to be involved in the mentoring alliance (we support your family's unique needs)

  • subscription to Haven's bi-monthly e-newsletter on the best of edge-ucation online

Caminante, no hay camino.
Se hace camino al andar.

Wander. There is no path.
You lay a path in walking.

=Antonio Machado=

A few thoughts...

I have wandered in the realms of independent study, apprenticeship, and mentoring since I was a teenager. I apprenticed in photography, video documentary making, sandplay therapy, sustainable business, desktop publishing, web design (in the pre-historic Mosaic days), dance, writing, editing and storytelling, to name a few. I am grateful for the extraordinary mentors who have been my allies on my edge-ucation path.

I have supported families and young people in self-directed learning for twenty years. My daughter, who offers her insights as a guest mentor and contributor to Haven, is "unschooled."

I believe that freedom to make our own learning choices is a basic ingredient of a creative life. This freedom leads to ecstasy. Ecstasy is one of our truest guides.

I trust in the value of not knowing. A caterpillar quite literally melts down and passes through a phase called liquescence on its journey to butterfly. Appreciating liquescence is at the heart of self-directed learning.


A few more details...