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Haven Dialogues & Storyspace
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Current Dialogues and Storyspaces:

Storyspace1: Only Connect.

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
-- Muriel Rukeyser, The Speed of Darkness

Let's begin with story. Spin one up--a small rough jewel of a story to give us a hint of who you are, or a long one that twists and turns like an undammed river, that shares your heart's cares and songs.

May this Dialogue Zone & Storyspace become a gathering place for humans who have wandered into Haven to befriend one another. In the pre-web words of E.M. Forester, "Only Connect."

Storyspace2: EarthStories Project

As a young child I was free to wander alone in the woods that filled the hills rolling along the Ohio River Valley. I realize now that these times of solitary intimacy with big nature are among the greatest gifts I have been given. These wanderings in the wild nurtured an awareness that clearly guides me every day. And at the heart of this guiding awareness are stories--stories of moments that transformed me, that opened my mind to new dimensions, and let me see in a new way. Telling these stories flexes the interior muscles of that awareness, keeping it supple and alert.

As I am sustained by these stories, I have noticed that they have the ability to sustain other members of the tribe of homo sapiens. It is no wonder I find myself drawn to these "Gaian Tales" that others tell. They are water on a dry desert day, fire on a cold autumn night. The EarthStories Project emerged from this insight.

I have drawn a circle in cyberspace to gather a few of these stories--stories of our most profound, gentle, fierce, mysterious, life changing moments in nature. Here we tell of encounters with rivers, whirlpools, thunderstorms, meteor showers, coral reefs, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, spring's first fields of wildflowers, hidden hot springs, lava plumes, ancient yews, clouds of ladybugs, scorpion's sting.

There will be fear, even terror, but the stories gathering in this Storyspace have at their metaphorical center, Joy...

Storyspace3: Celebrating Earthday

Here are a few questions to catalyze a conversation for Earthday, 1999.

Do you celebrate Earthday and if so, how?
Do you have a tradition you are evolving?
Do you gather with friends?
Does your community have a celebration that you participate in?
Do you think it is ridiculous or overly commercial? Has it lost its roots or is it finding them?
Do you know there are two Earthdays celebrated (March 20 and April 22), and why?

(For one point of view, visit For articles by the original Earthday founder, John McConnell, visit

edge-dialogue1: Third Mind Interaction #1

INTERACTION #1 for Third Mind Dialogue

All of us remember collaborative experiences when we did not seem in touch with the Third Mind. Perhaps one person did all of the work, mental or physical, and others contributed little. Why does this happen? What stories do you have of successful collaborations? Why do you think they were successful? Post your experiences and thoughts for others to feed off of and into.

(Dialogue initiated by David Pescowitz)

edge-dialogue2: Third Mind Interaction #2

INTERACTION #2 for Third Mind Dialogue

Take a simple idea you may have about a piece of art, a business possibility, or a cultural or political theory. Create an e-mail list of two or more friends, preferably from all over the world. Send them the idea and ask for their input. Read and keep the responses. If you like some of the suggestions, build them into your original idea. Send the evolved idea back to your friends again. Let the idea grow in the direction that the "Third Mind" takes it. When you feel the idea has reached its peak, look back at all of the e-mail. Notice how the idea has taken on a life of its own. It may have changed only slightly or it may be drastically different from your original concept. Not long ago, your collaborators would have been limited to those in your town, in your limited "salon." Consider how ideas evolve differently as they filter through different cultures and different tunnel-realities. Post your experiences and thoughts for others to feed off of and into.

(Dialogue initiated by David Pescowitz)

edge-dialogue3: Third Mind Interaction #3

INTERACTION #3 for Third Mind Dialogue

Download and run CU-See Me, DigiPhone or PowWow. Because these applications are far from becoming the "standard," your are primarily limited to choose the person you communicate with from an on-line list of other experimenters waiting to try out the technology. This in itself is revolutionary. How often do we pick up the phone and call a random number in Tokyo just to "talk?" Or even more simply, how often do we sit down next to a stranger on the bus and start a conversation. What ideas are the people you meet working on? What do they think of your ideas? How are the ideas different? How can they combine and recombine to create new and better ideas? Post your experiences and thoughts for others to feed off of and into.


(Dialogue initiated by David Pescowitz)

edge-dialogue4: Free school insights

Did you go to a free school, start a free school, teach in a free school, or did your child attend a free school? If you had any involvement with free schools, we encourage you to share your experiences from the viewpoint of 1999. What are the most valuable insights you have from those times that might offer some possibilities to us now pondering, creating and evolving 21st century edge-ucation?

This dialogue flows out of the Haven exploration, A.S. Neill and the free school movement.

rightlive-dialogue1: Pukanu Village and the Web

A Brazilian Indian community is using the Internet to create sustainable business. Join us in a dialogue about narrowing the information gap between the world's rich and poor with Pukanu Village in the state of Para as a focal point. Beginning April 22.

deepeco-dialogue1: Clarifying and Articulating Sustainability

What does this word mean to you? What are the best definitions you have found? The clearer our own definitions are, the better we can put these principles to work in our lives.

(For background, read "Sustainability: The State Of The Movement" by Robert Gilman (1990) from CONTEXT INSTITUTE'S Sustainable Culture Information Service.

deepeco-dialogue2: Deep Ecology Study Circle

Help create a course of study on the history of deep ecology for those new to the concept. What are the best writings, websites and other materials you have found? Who are your most respected spokespersons? What is the future of deep ecology?