Earth Day Online

April 22, 2000

Denali Mountain

contributed by
Cynthia Cunningham Baxter

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.
--Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

Welcome to the Haven celebration of Earthday, 2000 and the five year anniversary of the Haven website which came to weblife on Earthday, 1995. We'll be online all day April 22 at receiving your contributions and putting them on the website. Hit your reload button frequently--we are adding new content continually.

Visit us in the Dialogue Zone & Storyspace to post your own stories or just to say hello in the synchronicity space (alias CHAT).

Take note--children's art, poetry and stories are especially welcome.

Guidelines for Contributions

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For Individuals

We prefer that you post stories and poetry yourself to the Haven Dialogue Zone & Storyspace. It will save us from carpal tunnel syndrome (seriously!). Register with our Haven community on eGroups by typing your email address in the field below and following the simple registration process. Then find Storyspace 2 in the message list of the Dialogue Zone (you will see a blue arrow at the top of the message list. Click it to take you to the beginning messages where you will find Storyspace 2). Click on the Storyspace 2: EarthStories project message (should be message #3 on the list, dated March 18, '99). You'll be able to read the opening story. Click reply in the menu across the top of the message and post your story. If you have a good reason for not posting directly, we will accept stories and poems that are saved as text-only files (.txt), no line breaks. Send in the body of email. For more details, read our FAQ. To see a complete description of all the dialogues and storyspaces on Haven, visit here.

Please be sure to include your name and email address. We invite you to add your age (solar transits). If you know your bioregion, include that as well. After your name, place the copyright symbol and the year. In the future we may select some of these contributions for an anthology. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the anthology, please write a brief permission and email and/or a snail mail address for us to contact you.


Send images as jpegs or gifs (no larger than 200 pixels wide and 200 high please!).

Send your image files to Put EarthStories Project in the subject line.

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And now, let the storytelling begin...

Rattling at the Rio Grande Gorge

Desolation Wilderness

I Gave my Soul to a Flower

The picture speaks...

Vermont Maple


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Everyday is Earthday

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