What is an edge-ucator? Today, each of us has the challenge of shaping our own lifelong learning. Anyone who whole-heartedly accepts that challenge becomes an edge-ucator. Edge-ucators are passionate about exploring the far reaches of learning and creativity. Along the way, they may keep trail notes that inspire and encourage others. They may dream up centers, schools, unschooling networks, web-based learning communities. They may significantly alter our ways of looking at the core issues in edge-ucation and offer new tools for design. They may support others in identifying and manifesting their dreams. They will probably question what is really worth learning--what love, wisdom, ecstasy, values and vision have to do with learning, indeed, what the very point of life itself is. They will certainly question how to go about learning more gracefully, effectively and playfully in ways that can lead to awareness, balance, appreciation, sustainability, peace and interconnection.

If you've found your way to the Edge-ucator's Path, it's because you're already on it. If you'd like some camaraderie in this strange parallel universe called the Web, I invite you to walkabout here for a time…

--Claudia L'Amoreaux

Access results when you ask questions. Accept ignorance; pay more attention to the question than the answer; never be afraid to go in an opposite direction. Diversions can be divinations; interest paths provide the best access of all.

--Richard Saul Wurman
from Information Anxiety, 1989


Dive Into An Apprenticeship in Distance Edge-ucation

Grounded in systems/ecological thinking

Design the learning environment you are dreaming about. We'll nurture your vision. Participants in the Haven Edge-ucator's Path become members of a network of innovative online learning communities, providing professional development, opportunities for unique collaborations and a vehicle for promotion of your services.

We support you in:
  • the design process step by step
  • discovering and nurturing the key ingredients of vital community
  • practicing the central processes of engaging learning communities
    • dialogue
    • collaboration
    • interconnectivity
  • mastering the enabling tools (from discussion lists to shared 3D worlds)
  • planning strategies for funding, marketing and promoting your project
  • creating a web portfolio of your work

The Haven Edge-ucator's Path is a resource center, support circle and practice space for people dreaming up some of the finest 21st century global networked learning environments. Journey to the heart of apprenticeship, mentoring and collaboration. Vision, design, create and co-evolve online learning environments and communities that will contribute to well-being, personal to planetary. We'll assist you every step of the way in our unique apprenticeship program. Explore the meaning of authentic dialogue, leadership, social responsibility, values and ethics, right livelihood, diversity, access in the context of 21st century distance edge-ucation. Discover what tools you need to make your vision real. Find your peers.

The Edge-ucator's Path and Haven Apprenticeship Path interweave in an intimate relationship that blurs the boundaries of age, gender, and geography. The Haven youth apprentices will be your mentors as you apprentice with them in the art of mentoring. Got that?

Along the way, let's go about the useful task of proposing an open set of best principles and practices for a web-based edge-ucational paradigm that will guide, provoke, intrigue, inspire others attempting to create equitable and sustainable discovery/learning communities online.

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