Is this path for you?

We are looking for edge-ucators who feel a strong affinity towards the focus of Haven. This is an advanced apprenticeship in the creation and evolution of collaborative discovery environments and learning communities. A high level of familiarity with the web is needed. Willingness to encounter and leap (or dig under) continual technological hurdles is expected. A well nourished sense of humor and appreciation for the archetypal Fool is sought after.

How to apply

First, familiarize yourself with Haven. Visit the different zones, check out the gallery, read the stories in the Earth Stories project. Try the Haven map in the footer at the bottom of this page -- this gives you another view of what Haven is about. What areas interest you and why? What would you like to explore in depth? Descibe your dream edge-ucational project that you'd like to create.

Create a web page and share with us some of your passions, fears, role models, questions. Give some thought to our three questions in the previous paragraph and include your replies somehow in your site. The web page/s can be simple--we are not looking for technical expertise here. We prefer sincerity. The web page is simply an opportunity for us to meet you. If you don't have webspace available to you, go to Homestead and make your site. You can create a private, password protected site, or public--that's up to you. Another option is to create a Yahoo club. Once again it can be private or public. Email us the url and an invitation to visit when you're ready. Please use the email and put Edge-ucator's Path in the subject line.

After we have visited your webspace, we will set up a chat session with you. This will give us an opportunity to meet and talk about details. You can ask us any questions you may have and we can make certain that the Edge-ucator's Path is what you're really looking for. We look forward to hearing from you.

How long is the Edge-ucator's Path?

There is a minimum commitment of 5 months (one phase). The Edge-ucator's Path is designed as three 5 month phases. Edge-ucators who really appreciate the work of Haven may become interns after the completion of the 3 phases. As we organically grow the Haven core team in the months to come, interns will be invited to step in to work as mentors, editors, designers and new media storytellers.


A non-refundable set-up fee of $125 is due in the beginning of phase one. When you continue on to phase 2 and 3 of the journey, there will be no additional set-up fees.

We offer two payment plans:

1. $350 a month with 2 months payable at start of Edge-ucator's Path, then $350 at the start of the following three months, no payment the last month. ($700 + $125 one time set-up fee, payable in advance of phase one start date, followed by 3 monthly payments of $350 a month. Last month no payment is due.)

2. We offer a 10% discount if all 5 months are paid in advance at the beginning of the apprenticeship. (Total payments on this plan would be $1575 + $125 one time set-up fee, payable in advance of phase one start date.)

Fees are the same for phase 2 and 3, minus the set-up fee.

Once we've connected, we'll guide you through the payment process (we use for credit card payments over the web).

Note: We are currently in the process of creating a scholarship fund. No scholarships are available at this time, but we hope to offer them in the future.

Travel the Edge-ucator's Path
into the 21st Century.


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