The Green Times began as a minizine first desktop-published on recycled paper in 1989. Its intention was to give news of where and how good things are happening in restoring, renewing and respecting our threatened environment.

It came into being at a strange time when images of a wounded Earth were seen on the covers of major magazines like Time. I thought long and deep about how children were experiencing this media view of earth. The Green Times is a result of my meditations on offering positive visions for ourselves and our children that encourage and inspire us. It now continues in that vein electronically with the help of a team of apprentice youth editors.

--Claudia L'Amoreaux

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With profound thanks to Arne Naess for the challenge to articulate & speak out.

"Conservation strategies are more eagerly implemented by people who love what they are conserving, and who are convinced that what they love is intrinsically lovable. Such lovers will not want to hide their attitudes and values, rather they will increasingly give voice to them in public. They possess a genuine ethics of conservation, not merely a tactically useful instrument for human survival."

--Arne Naess, from "The Deep Ecological Movement" published in Deep Ecology for the 21st Century, edited by George Sessions (Boston and London, Shambhala,1995) p.67